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Every website builder I have talked to has told me that I should write this or that or the other in this section. In past versions of this website, I have done just that. (If you want to see the more professional versions of this website, you will find them on Linked In and Psychology Today, both of which have links on this website.)

The truth is I am a person who just plain wants to help other people. Too vague? For example, when someone asks me for change at the gas station, the first things I ask are where they slept the night before, how long since they last ate and where they are going to sleep that night. I do not want to just give them change: I want to provide them with information they can use to address the basic needs of food, water, and shelter because this is where my brain starts when thinking about therapy. Then I just move up Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs until I meet each person where they are. After all the most important part about a house is its foundation. Cliched, I know, and I am good with it. However, I believe as
a therapist, I start at the foundation.

So, while none of this is about me per se, it is more of "a what happens when you give me a prompt and 10 minutes." 

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